#Change11 Openness Revelation

For years I’ve been enthralled by the concept of openness in education. I’ve written numerous blogposts:

I’ve developed an extensive bookmark collection over the past three years or so:

But being involved in the MOOC Change11 has prompted me to think about the whole topic in much more detail once again, particularly the David Wiley (post 1, 2, 3, 4) & Rory McGreal weeks.

I have written about the concerns I have in getting the message out onto a big enough stage quickly enough to prevent corruption or being usurped. However, (and thanks go once again to John here for introducing me to this) after seeing this video of Michael Nielson’s TED Talk, which has had a profound effect on me, and with the lack of responses I’m seeing from decision-makers, I am inspired to put out my messages straight into an open arena via this blog. Hopefully, it will mean that the ideas get taken forward and I will receive appropriate attributions, but it will certainly mean things happen faster from my perspective, which may mean less frustration for me though there could be more ‘fallout’ as a result.

Consequently, I’ll be posting in the next couple of days the text I developed to initiate an institutional Openness Community, and for which I haven’t received any satisfactory feedback.

Michael Nielson TEDTalk video:



#change11 Playing catchup part 1

Due to me having another spell in hospital and surgery for an ongoing medical problem I found that I missed the entire Rory McGreal week in the Change11 MOOC. During the spare time that I’ve had this week I’ve been trying to catch up with Rory’s week and keep pace with Nancy White’s week as well. Not sure that I’ve done either real justice. However, I’ve decided to jot down notes via blogposts to enable me to have some record of this section of the course to I can perhaps return to it in the future.

This might just turn into a list of items I picked up here and there, from the Twitter stream, from the course notes and other participants’ blogs. I was travelling a such a pace that I can’t necessarily remember the original source, for which I apologise.

Catchup from Rory’s week:

Rory’s Change11 MOOC notes.

Stephen Downes Slideshare presentation:

An interesting discussion developed around John’s blogpost relating MOOCs to Communities of Practice (CoP). [Note to self – remember to read the comments to the post]

Hosted on the Athabasca University (AU) Space [a hosted Dspace repository by the looks of it – I’m interested in digital repositories] was Rory’s ‘Open Education Resources (OER) for assessment and credit
for students project – Towards a logic model and plan for action

The audio recording of Rory’s presentation for the Change11 MOOC.

I found this blogpost useful to help my thinking. Which led to the Guardian article. [Unrelated Aside: which led me to an interesting hacking article]

This Flickr Attribution Helper [screencast] will be useful for educating colleagues and students alike in correctly attribution CC licensed Flickr images; useful for OER production.

Rory’s Landing blog.

A pdf preprint paper ‘The Creation of OpenCourseWare at MIT‘ charts the genesis and evolution of the project at MIT. [Hosted on the MIT Dspace digital repository]

The link to this paper: Open Educational Resources: Enabling universal education, Tom Caswell, Shelley Henson, Marion Jensen, and David Wiley, The International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning, 2008, vol 9 (1), also meant that I now had access to a useful journal that I didn’t know existed before.

This UNESCO / iipe publication ‘Open Educational Resources
the way forward: deliberations of an international community of interest by Susan D’Antoni [pdf]
‘ will prove useful in the work I’m doing at my institution.

Rory’s notes did lead me to investigate the Commonwealth of Learning, where again I found some useful resources that well come in handy, and the launch of the UNESCO / COL OER Basic Guide.

I’ve run out of time again, so I’ll stop there for now and hopefully continue again later/tomorrow.