Where is the value in Social Networks?

This video by Seth Godin explains where he feels the value is in Social Networking – in short you have to create actual valuable connections, with actual meaningful interactions.


Use the best lectures and add value elsewhere

I came across this video today. It’s by José A. Bowen, dean of the Meadows School of the Arts. What José has to say aligns exactly with what I was saying at a recent forum to discuss the uses and implications of new technology, read/write web, and collaboration in lecturing within higher education. Whilst I don’t necessarily agree with removing computers from the lecture theatre, I certain agree with using the open educational resources, including lecture series’ provided by Stanford, Berkeley, Princeton, Yale, Harvard or MIT, and using podcasts to present lecture material. Why not use the best lecture material available? Students can access this material at any time. The added value of universities is the interaction with faculty; and this time could be increased by reducing the ‘pushing’ of lecture material. It’s said that students value face-to-face interactions with faculty; is a 50 minute lecture really that useful an interaction, or do they actually want more challenging discussion?