Openness in Education ioe12 Sharing Community Badge

Part of the criteria for the OpenEd Assessment Designer Apprentice Level Badge is to design a badge and for other participants of the course to work towards that badge. I felt that the earlier in the course that I created the criteria for my badge, the easier it would be for others to meet the set criteria to achieve the badge as they worked through the course.

I will be providing my own Bookmarks as an example in the near future, but hopefully the criteria below is clear. I would welcome your comments.

Here is the discription:
Badge Type: ioe12 Sharing Community Badge
Assessment Type: Peer
Badge Issuer: Peer
Badge Level: Novice Level




  • Share 25 relevant Links as a blog post

Criteria for the 25 Bookmarks/Links:

  • One of these Bookmarks/Links must relate to each of the course topics (12 in total) – [Amendment: (thanks to mathplourde) use appropriate tags or description to assign to specific course topic]
  • One Bookmark/Link must be to a blog post of another course participant which they have posted as part of the course
  • Two Bookmarks/Links must be to relevant videos
  • One Bookmark/Link must be to a relevant peer reviewed article

To follow an Open Practice ethos is to make available your work to the wider community. One element of this is to share your materials to the community, so that others may easily identify useful and relevant materials. In this collective way, a social filtering of materials can occur.


5 thoughts on “Openness in Education ioe12 Sharing Community Badge

  1. Hi Mark,

    If you want to pump up the requirements a bit, I would suggest that links shared be assigned to one of the 12 topics, either through tags or in the description of the link. I think the description filed would be a very nice space to connect the resource to the topic at hand.

    As a novice badge, I’m worried that students would acquire this badge instead of going through the course materials. So making it an Apprentice badge would make sense, don’t you think?


    • Hi Mathieu

      Thanks for your feedback. I found it difficult to know where to pitch it with respect to the difficulty of the task and the award level.

      I think you’re right about the requirement to assign the link to a specific topic using appropriate tags or a description. I’m just going through that process myself with some of my historical bookmarks as an example.


      • Here’s a good example of the education system getting in the way of learning. As we ponder on the difficulty level of the task and badge, we include a reflection on how it would interfere with the grading process of David Wiley’s course. Your idea of a badge is appropriate, but because it would be a novice experience, we argue on how to make it something else…

        Maybe the novice badge on #ioe12 should be reserved for those experiences, and that plowing through the material should be a baseline/required badge level to even consider getting credentials for the course.

    • I’ve been thinking more about this whole area. The pitching of the badge at ‘novice’ level does detract from the course ‘novice’ level badge, in that it could encourage people to simply achieve the peer badge rather than fully accessing the course content and interacting with it.

      I began to consider the possibility of setting prerequisites for the peer badge of having to have the course novice badge – but I rejected that idea as adding too much convolution into the process; also the confusing of whether to submit for the course badge, being assess and receiving that badge prior to submitting for the peer badge. The required level of work for the peer badge doesn’t warrent all of that.

      I then settled on the opinion that the course novice level badge would have more kudos than a peer badge of the same level. Therefore, if someone was motivated by badges, then their motivation would be higher for the actual course badges than any peer badge. So, effectively, there is a two-tier system in operation.

      I think you are corrent with your assessment Mathieu that the ‘education system’ gets in the way of the learning.


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