Notes from Lawrence Lessig TEDxNYED video

Open Licensing

As part of the ioe12 course work I took notes of what I thought to be the significant bits from this video:

All the following content is therefore attributed to Larry Lessig.

Copyright is about what level of control.

Copyright policy isn’t just about how to incentivize production of an artistic commodity, it’s about what level of control we are going to permit to be exercised over our social realities – social realities that are now inevitably permitted by pop culture.

… its important that we keep these two different kinds of public goods in mind. If we are only focussed on how to maximise the supply of one, … we risk suppressing this different and richer, and in some ways maybe even more important one.

Freedom needs

This opportunity to both have the commercial success of the great commercial works.


The opportunity to build this different kind of culture.

and for that to happen you need ideas like ‘fair use’ to be central & protected to enable this kind of innovation between these two creative cultures. A commercial & sharing culture.

  • A need for ownership
  • A respect of ownership
  • A respect we should give to
      • the Creator
      • the Remixer
      • the Owner
      • the Property Owner
      • the Copyright Owner

of this extraordinarily powerful stuff not a generation of ‘share croppers’.

There are lessons here about ‘openness’.

  1. Our lives are sharing activities, at least in part. For this to happen we need to have well protected spaces of fair use.
  2. This ecology of sharing needs freedom in which to create. Freedom which means without permission from anyone the ability to create.
  3. We need to respect the creator. The creator of these remixes through rights that are directly tied to them.

Creative Commons is offering authors this simple way to mark their contact with the freedoms they intend it to carry.

So we go from an

“All Rights Reserved” world

to a

“Some Rights Reserved” world.

And people can know the freedoms they have attached to content, building & creating on the basis of this creative copyrighted work.

These tools Creative Commons enable sharing, in parts, through licenses that make it clear. And a freedom that make it clear. And a freedom to create without requiring permission first, because the permission has already been granted & a respect for the creator because it builds upon a copyright the creator has licensed freely.

Hundreds of millions of digital artifacts are already licensed in this way.

Do we have this ecology right now?

Openness is a commitment to a certain set of values. We need to speak of those values.

The value of

  • Freedom
  • Community
  • limits in regulation
  • respecting the creator.

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