ds106 DesignAssignments55 I Can Read Movies

So I was walking down the street in town yesterday lunchtime and looked into a shop window – there was an image of Toy Story 3 and it struck me straight away that I could do a ds106 Assignment on the back of Toy Story. So here it is:

toy story movie book

I decided to start with a plain black background and work up from there. I liked the ‘UP’ version by Chelsea Tufarolo, and kind of followed the approach for the basic feel. The motif is quite abstract, relating to the saying of a central character.

I’ll see what the response is.


6 thoughts on “ds106 DesignAssignments55 I Can Read Movies

  1. I love this assignment, one of my favorite in the whole repository, And what I like about your take on it is that you are playing with the concept rather than copying what’s come before—that’s the riffing that makes it all so fun. ds106 needs to go “to infinity and beyond!”

    • Jim, Cheers.

      I’ve realised that I missed a few opportunities that have subsequently occurred to me walking in to work this morning – playing with ‘ds106’ for example in the price of the book. Pre-decimal currency in the UK was Pounds / Shillings / Pence denoted as £ / s / d. (don’t ask why it was a ‘d’ for pence). So the price of the book could have been something like 10s 6d or 10/6. I guess I’ll just have to do another one.

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