Fizzing with ds106’edness

I’m falling asleep thinking about what I’m going to do for ds106. I’m waking up with images flying around my mind. I’m starting to see the world in different ways, looking for the artistic interpretation everywhere. I spent yesterday lunchtime looking for creative items I could use – partially successful; I’ve still got a list in my pocket to continue the search. Heck, I’m even seeing Bava Mathers’ hairdo in the fake wood pattern on a door to the gents.

Bava Hairdo on door


5 thoughts on “Fizzing with ds106’edness

  1. You are in the zone, man! Keep riding it, let ds106 become an always on substrate of your consciousness. Pay attention to it, and keep those observational reflexes activated.

  2. Great description of the da106 effect. I’ve been very surprised at the way the daily create has changed the way I am look around in a few days. Hoping that the effect will linger and my eye will improve.

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