BH1 Increasing Technology awareness of the student body

Sent as an email to the Education Officer of the local Union of Students in early July 2011.

Response: None


I’d like to see the level of awareness of technology and its uses for helping students with their own learning, research and ultimately employability raised across the University. To achieve this I want to assist in delivering direct provision via the Union of Students to give even greater added value to our students.

I’m an Educational Technologist at the University, working in the Learning and Teaching Services of CiCS. Whilst I continue to drive and participate in a number of institutional initiatives to enhance technology use in learning and teaching, I’m increasingly of the belief that direct intervention for students is required. Historically, I haven’t been permitted to do this wholesale directly to the undergraduate student population, but I believe that if I were to do it in conjunction with the educational section of the Union then it would be possible. Previously I attempted to introduce the Student Learning Community, an online community for students to share good practice tips about their own use of technology for learning. This didn’t get the traction I’d hoped, for a number of reasons. I believe such an initiative to be truly successful requires a series of complementary face-to-face sessions, possibly including workshops organised for and by the target community.

I’d like to meet up to talk through these ideas, with the anticipation of getting something in place for the Autumn Term. Would you please contact me with your availability?

Kind regards


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