#change11 Playing catchup part 3

Now I move on to Nancy White’s week, still playing catchup.

The ‘DTLT Today’ recording of a Google+ hangout organised by @giuliaforsythe (thanks for setting this up)

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/h7MmgtvLMAI width=”480″ height=”299″]

I found this really useful in the explaination of what a ‘Social Artist‘ is. So what do I think it is?


  • bringing together
  • making connections
  • doing the ‘bits inbetween’
  • helping people be heard
  • helping people have a voice
  • the art of hosting
  • asking great questions to facilitation continued interaction
  • encouraging (e.g. saying ‘what you said is interesting)
  • amplifying / adding on / doing something
  • allowing others to make sense of what’s going on
  • observing & documenting with shape

Also it doesn’t have to be out there in the frontchannel; the backchannel is also important. Making private connections and encouraging – interacting and messaging privately – asking if someone is okay.

I then checked out the slideshare presentation as so many people were saying on Twitter how useful it was.

Now to use the local vernacular, “I could’nt make head nor tail of it”, although a couple of the links were interesting and with all these things I have now discovered the work of Austin Kleon.


Out of time again.


3 thoughts on “#change11 Playing catchup part 3

  1. I think you did a brilliant job of defining #socialartist. I’m glad I have a MOOC to help me make sense of my world.

    As to the slides from Monday. If they made sense to you, I’d be very worried about the voices in your head! 🙂 It was about being there, being engaged and talking about change.

    If you like Austin Kleon, I have a ton more links here: https://onlinefacilitation.wikispaces.com/Visual+Work+and+Thinking HAVE FUN and thanks

    • Thanks Nancy for taking the time to comment. Much appreciated. I thought that the slides must be something that you had to be there during the development to engage fully with. I should have said that.

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