#change11 Playing catchup part 2

Found a bit of time to continue with my meandering jottings in the game of catchup.

Paul Prinsloo’s opendistanceteachingandlearning blogpost ‘Bubble bubble toil and trouble: Unravelling bottom-up/top-down approaches to institutional change (#change11)‘ really struck several chords for me. It was an excellently written piece and has signposted me to more reading, as the quotes from the references are so useful for some points I’m attempting (unsuccessfully at the moment) to get across to the management team.

I hope Paul doesn’t mind if a use a couple or three quotes I found particularly useful:

Hamish McRae (2010: xxii)) in his book “What works. Success in stressful times” writes that good (and powerful) ideas will “increasingly come from anywhere and everywhere” and that we can (and should) learn from one another.


Hartford (2011:20) goes so far as to state that “trial and error is a tremendously powerful process for solving problems in a complex world, while expert leadership is not”.


Palchinsky’s principles can be summarised as follows: “first, seek out new ideas and try new things; second, when trying something new, do it on a scale where failure is survivable; third, seek out feedback and learn from your mistakes as you go along”.

Additional a very good point that is made is about not just transplanting work from another context (particularly North America) and expecting it to work elsewhere.

Thanks Paul.

I’m stopping this blogpost here and I’ll start another one.


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