Google+ current lockout #change11

I tweeted earlier that due to Google+ not currently being open to all to register there is the potential for participants in #change11 to be disenfranchised, unable to access content and interaction of co-contributors. Even though it was pointed out that all registered users get 150 invites to distribute, Google at the moment is saying:

Already invited? We’ve temporarily exceeded our capacity. Please try again soon.

Perhaps this is one element of an open course, some things might not be accessible for all participants. But there is a distinction to be made about choosing not to participate due to not wanting to use a particular medium or service and not being able to access a service.


Change & Repurpose

I’ve left this blog to lie fallow for almost a year whilst I was getting another project up and running. As that project comes to fruition I’ve signed up to participate on MOOC Change 2011 facilitated by George Siemens, Stephen Downes and Dave Cormier. I’d done some investigation into MOOCs back in January/February time and resolved to join the next one that this team ran. But as life gets in the way of things I’d totally forgotten this resolution until I just chanced upon a tweet by George last Friday, as he was stuck at the airport, saying the course was starting on the following Monday. Well I signed up straight away.

I then had the dilemma as to how I should record my activities over the coming 35 weeks. I immediately felt that a blog would be the mechanism to hang everything else from, so that would be my centre point. At first I thought I’d create a new blog for this, possibly in Blogger (usually I’m a WordPress Man), but then I quickly relented and thought I’d stick up a new blog in my WordPress stable. But as I looked at the recent activity (or lack of) in this blog and as the title of the MOOC is ‘Change‘ I thought I’d change or repurpose this blog for the duration of the course.

The next thing I did was to set up a Diigo group so participants who use Diigo could share and annotate their online findings.

If you’re not on the course and are currently wondering what a MOOC is well it’s a Massive Open Online Course. However, whenever I hear the term spoken, I’m always reminded of the pool hall scene in Mean Streets.