BBC On Top of the Digital World

At the end of last week I was too tired to actually do any research or writing so I sat back and went onto BBC iPlayer. I usually look in the factual section: it means I might take in some useful information during a time when I wouldn’t necessarily be doing anything productive. I noticed a learning sub-category and clicked on it. There were lots of programmes for younger children and then down at the bottom was ‘On Top of the Digital World‘, from the BBC Learning Zone and aimed at 11-19 year old learning. The Learning Zone runs overnight on BBC 2, so you can set up a recording and watch the information programmes at another time.

I began watching it and thought, “WOW this is so good”. Over the weekend I managed to find time to play both available episodes. I think that the format is great. The programmes are 1 hr long per episode, but there are multiple articles each lasting between about five and 10 minutes long covering topics about how young people are using and interacting in the ‘Digital World’. This material can inform all age groups, and could certainly be useful to some of my colleagues.

Episode 1 covers:

  • Cyber celeb (0 – 6mins)
  • Checking you out online – identity (6 – 11min 57sec)
  • Hey that’s mine – copyright (11min 57sec – 18min 52sec)
  • A day in the life of Jellyellie (18min 53sec – 25min 35sec)
  • Anything goes online? – good/bad information (25min 35sec – 32min 20sec)
  • Cyberbullying ( 32min 20sec – 39min 52sec)
  • Getting the message out – political campaigning (39min 53sec – 45min 25sec)
  • Cyberstalking (45min 25sec – 52min 12sec)
  • What’s the point of age rated games? (52min 12sec – 58min – 57sec)

Episode 2 covers:

  • Making money online (0min – 7min 10sec)
  • Catching the copycat – plagiarism (7min 10sec – 12min)
  • Brains behind the games (12min – 17min 54sec)
  • The past online (17min 54sec – 24min 20sec)
  • Buying and selling online (24min 20 sec – 31min 26sec)
  • When gaming takes over – gaming addiction (31min 26sec – 38min 39sec)
  • Accessibility (38min 39sec – 45min 38sec)
  • Marketing online (45min 38sec – 52min 31sec)
  • Blogging (52min 31sec – 58min 52 sec)

I don’t know how long these will be available on iPlayer (programmes usually last about a week on there), but if they are still available then they are well worth a look for any age.

Link to the On Top of the Digital World site for iPlayer.


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