Glogster indexing graphically

I came across The Filing Cabinet recently, a resource by Kelly Hines categorizing by child age and subject links to useful educational resources. I don’t want to concentrate on that right now, I’ll cover it in more detail on my SpottyBlueBanana blog.

What I do want to highlight here is the concept of using a Glog as a front end graphical index for content. It’s such a good idea – ingenious Kelly. Each image item on the Glog acts as a link to the specific category. The Glog can then be embedded in the front end of the site as a visual index. You could use icons instead of text as the visual cues, these could then run throughout the site for consistency.

I’ve been a fan of Glogster for some time and have written about it before, but such a use hadn’t occurred to me. I’ll be using the idea in the future.

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