Voxopop – recorded conversation

I recently posted about Nurphy, a way of having a public ‘conversation’ that is saved, kind of like a recorded email discussion that others can access and even join in with. Now I’ve found something that parallels Nurphy, except it’s about a voice conversation; a sort of way of saving an asynchronous phone conversation that multiple people can participate in.

The service is called Voxopop.


You can make your discussions private, open or restricted and you can create talkgroups specifically so that others can join to discuss within a particular topic of interest, similar to a discussion in a forum topic.


The talkgroups are categorized so that you can find one you might want to join in with, or you can use the search facility. Also you can list the most recently active, the newest, or the ones with most members.

You can follow the discussions using the RSS feed or you can squirt the feed out into iTunes and follow it as a podcast using the useful iTunes link.


Asynchronous discussions can have some benefits, for example they provide you with time to think before you add in your opinion.

I can imagine using Voxopop instead of trying to record a Skype conversation, or for easier interviewing of multiple participants in geographically separated locations and/or in different time zones. Also, this will allow questions to be put to large communities for responses and discussions. I can see me making some use of this service professionally.#

I haven’t tested this yet, but it has just occurred to me that you should be able to participate using a mobile device, an iPod Touch with a mic fitted for example.


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