Diigo Tutorial on Slideshare

A useful tutorial about using Diigo is available thanks to Jennifer Dorman.


2 thoughts on “Diigo Tutorial on Slideshare

  1. Hi, this is perfect timing.

    I just started a WordPress.com users group on Diigo (I hope you will join us) and this has helped me expand my knowledge greatly. I am also interested in learning more about using SlideShare. And lastly, I am very much involved with the Academic Outreach program at my day job and I can see benefits for that program as well.
    Well I have a lot a material to catch up on here so I will talk to you later. Maybe we can start a new conversation on Nurphy some day.

    Thanks for the post, it is much appreciated.

    • 95 slides?! Hopefully, I will learn it as I use it….I like learning on the go better. I sincerely look forward to your post because I know it will be able to grasp it then!

      Thanks for sharing this with me, nonetheless.

      I know I can always revisit….now let me see how I can add this to Diigo!

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