Infographics via Spectives

I’ve been looking at infographics; graphic representations of statistical information. I recently came across one of the tools on Smashing Magazine titled Data Visualization and Infographics Resources. Here there’s a list of links to some great infographics sites.

Then today I found Spectives.

What Spectives does is create visual galleries aggregated from other websites of your deciding. Once registered it is relatively simple to create a ‘collection’, adding additional feeds. Note: to add the feed you simply paste in the required site URL and Spectives identifies the feed. If there are multiple available feeds on a page then you are offer the alternatives and just click on the one you want to use; I tend to choose the RSS 2.0 and that always seem to work fine.

I like the way Spectives works, and the way it displays the information. Hover over an image and if there is associated text it is displayed. Clicking on the image loads up the appropriate page. It’s an interesting way of finding information. It’s a nice way for those who tap into visual cues, (I know that isn’t for everyone). Then you can squirt out the feed of your aggregated collection using the RSS link on the right of your page.

Infographics are by definition very visual. What a perfect subject for a Spectives collection. So I thought I’d combine the two and use some of the links from the Data Visualization and Infographics Resources list and put them into the Spectives feeds to create an ‘infographics images’ collection.


Diigo link: My infographic bookmarks


4 thoughts on “Infographics via Spectives

  1. Hi, this is Rutger, founder of Spectives. It’s good to hear that you like the site. The collection you’ve made it very cool. I’m a big fan of infographics, but could only manage to find 2 feeds for my collection. Now I’m adding your collection as a tab.

    Thanks for writing this article! Don’t forget to tell all your friends 😉

    • Thanks for your comments Rutger. I guess we both share and interest in visual representations and inforgraphics.

      A great job you’re doing over at Spectives.

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  3. Markous, thanks for telling me about this. I’m interested in finding out more so I’ll take a look at the links.
    Rutger, the music for the video is great. It adds to the appeal.

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