Evernote for education? Ask the elephants

I’ve had Evernote on the back burner for a while now, wanting to get round to investigating its potential. Evernote presents itself as an ‘external brain’, remembering things so you don’t have to (using the elephants in the clouds). It’s client driven, so there’s a download involved, but there are a host of downloads for different operating systems and mobile devices. The client then synchronizes with your Evernote account (free or monthly subscription depending on how much you want to use it).

The current promo video is:

And I found this original video useful to explain Evernote’s uses.

I have to admit that I’m not a fan of sync’ing. I prefer to use online services that access the content directly on the server without having to use a dedicated client, with one or two exceptions. Consequently, I’m not sure I’ll be using Evernote as much as I anticipated. However, that might not reflect other people’s working practises, so I thought it useful to present some of what I would find Evernote useful for.

I think the main use for me is the way Evernote can allow you to search text in images. This has particular use for education if you take a photo or a screen shot of some relevant text, or hand written notes, possibly from a whiteboard, then suddenly you have a searchable object.

I gave it a try with possibly a difficult test of this image and did a search for “franc” (part of fancisco). The result was pretty good but not perfect.

Evernote also allows you to collaborate by sharing your ‘notebooks’

Further videos about Evernote and how to use it are available on their YouTube channel or the video page of their website.


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