Internet Safety

It is important for parents, carers and teachers to ensure that children are safe when using the Internet. The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) is part of the authorities in Britain dedicated to child protect. Part of their work is about disseminating the message of Internet safety. I just wanted to take the opportunity to highlight their work and to draw out some significant areas of their website.

A new intelligence report (pdf) has been published that parents will find useful in protecting their children whilst online, and an accompanying video:

Linked in with the CEOP site is the Think u know site.


This has advice split into age specific sections of 5-7, 8-10, 11-16, along with Parent or Carer and Teacher or Trainer.

The 5-7 year olds section, for example, has a set of non-threatening, age appropriate cartoons about using computers safely on the Internet.

The Parent or Carer section has some simple and informative advice about  how children use technology; important uses and concerns. The different areas covered in the faq section include grooming, mobiles, gaming, social networking and chat. There’s a quiz for parents to take to test their knowledge of how children use technology and the Internet. And what about this video as a warning:

Their YouTube video channel is linked here.

Additional (30/10/09): This video is used by police in schools to highlight the issues to school children. It’s very powerful, and the user feedback about it is very encouraging.


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