10 Technologies for educators

It’s reassuring when you chance upon something that affirms what you’ve set out to do. That happened to me today when I came across “10 internet technologies that educators should be informed about“.Yep, this is part of what I’m doing, identifying the useful stuff for educators, and providing appropriate application with examples.


Twitter & the backchannel

Etherpad & the whiteboard replacement

Vuvox / Glogster & visual presentation


Tags & Tagging – Why to… video

Just created a video to tell people using uSpace about the significance of tags and tagging. I’ll embed it in uSpace in the Coffee Shop.

Quick Info to users

Posed in response to Is there a problem?

Just had a quick thought (untried and untested).

What could be done is that various information could be aggregated; the CiCS twitter feeds, the IC twitter feed, RSS from the service page, PC availability, and pull out useful, relevant and immediate information from the HelpDesk knowledge if there is a problem.

This could be aggregated using something like FriendFeed or an online portal (say Netvibes or Pageflakes). The URL can be provided to all users for them to access directly and the aggregation displayed on the plasma screens in the IC and elsewhere.

Given the time, I’ll mock something up.